Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get The Best Credit Card Merchant Account

Get The Best Credit Card Merchant Account
by: Dane Collins

Looking for the best credit card merchant account? Admittedly, there are a plethora of lenders to choose from when you browse the Internet for merchant account services. But what are you really looking for? Do you want an enhanced business image? Increased public exposure? A larger client base? Additional sales and revenues? Then you’re on the right track! A merchant account can do all this and more when you work with the right company.

Finding a quality lender to work with for the best credit card merchant account is not as difficult as you might think. You can start by asking your local banker for information about its merchant accounts. If you don’t feel the terms are quite right for your company, ask for a referral or check out other local banks yourself. You also might want to try credit unions or reputable lenders to see if you can partner with a financial underwriter in your community. That way you will get to know the company representative and perhaps meet occasionally face to face, which is always a desirable goal in business when feasible. But if not, there are plenty of good lenders to work with.

The best credit card merchant account providers tend to compete with each other to get business owners’ business. In fact, some will offer to meet or beat a competing underwriter’s price. So if you like the terms but not the price at a particular bank, find a lower rate somewhere else and tell the first bank about it. Perhaps you can get your preferred terms and lower costs at the bank of your choice. But if it doesn’t work out for some reason, keep looking for other lenders and shop for the deal that will best suit your company’s growth plan. It’s just a matter of matching your needs with the lender’s capabilities to make a match that satisfies both of you.

What would the best credit card merchant account do for your business? You can start accepting credit card payments immediately when you get approved for a merchant account. Start by installing a simple credit card processor, the kind that swipes a credit card, at your place of business. Then you may want to consider digital telephone credit processing services. Or you might opt to go wireless if you travel to remote destinations to collect payments. You can even put up a company Website as your crowning achievement and accept credit card payments there as well. In a very short time your client base could multiply, along with your profits, all because of your merchant account status. Are your competitors already using technology like this to accept credit card payments? Then you have no time to lose!

Start shopping now for a lender that will approve your application, offer low-fee services, and provide reliable support while you upgrade your company’s business image. Don’t stop with the first company to offer you a merchant account. You deserve the best so don’t settle for less when you apply for your bank merchant account.

About the author:
Dane Collins is the owner of http://www.merchantdigital.com a nationally recognized merchant account provider. Start accepting credit cards today: http://www.merchantdigital.com

Friday, January 4, 2008

Business DSL Access Information

Business DSL Access Information
by: Gio Mangano

Many companies rely heavily on their high-speed internet to conduct their business with e-mail, video conference, and now for voice-over-internet telephony applications. What do you do? Get a business Dsl line fast! There are many Dsl companies offering service in your area, and these days there fighting to do business with your company. Be careful not to choose price over reliabilty.

Reliability becomes critical when customers or employees depend on your connection for immediate responses. If your customers use your connection to access your databases or your server or the internet then reliability of your connection is critical. A critical connection can be viewed much like a life line, without which your business would be negatively impacted. Your monthly savings of having a sub-par connection will not make up for the loss in productivity of your employees or loss of customers when your DSL connection gets bogged down or cut off.

The fastest way to get an unbiased quote and compare DSL quotes fast is by going to the internet and shopping around for DSL providers.

Many DSL service providers are now offering low start up fees for 6-12 months. You can choose from multiple providers like earthlink, verizon and msn. Dsl is now available in many areas and being added to many more. DSL service usually runs between $19 and $79 per month, depending on the plan (residential vs. commercial, 512K vs. 3M, etc.)

Do some research, find the best possible price and get business Dsl to make your job easier. You dont want a slow internet connection to get you down!

About the author:
Gio Mangano is the owner of http://www.bandwidtht1.com, which provides unbiased quotes for T1 Line, T3, Frame Relay & business dsl